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Published on: Advice

5 Strategies to Make Your Videos More Personal

Because of this digital age we find ourselves in today, the power of personalisation is unbeatable. Businesses are finding it harder to add that personal touch and connection that typically comes from in-person conversations and interactions. However, consumers are craving these custom experiences, which is why businesses are turning to personal videos. Forbes says…

  • 71% of consumers want a personalised experience
  • 74% of consumers want to see personalised content
  • Over 90% of consumers are more willing to shop with brands that offer deals and recommendations that relate to them

With overwhelming facts like these, it’s time to get creative. Adding a personalised message, a personal video or sending personalised deals to consumers into your strategy can be a lifesaver.

What are personalised videos?

Personalised videos are exactly how they sound – videos that are customised for each recipient or group of recipients. Some key things to include are the recipients’:

  • Name
  • Company name
  • Company logo
  • Job title
  • Any branding related to them

Of course, what you should include depends on your message, your recipient and the industry you serve. The power of a personal video is not limited to just one or a few industries, it’s an effective tool that can be used by any industry – automotive, mortgage, education etc.

The beauty of a personalised video is that it can be used for anything. Use it in your customer service department to increase customer satisfaction, your sales department to increase open and response rates for cold outreach or in your marketing department to make an impact or enhance your strategy – the creativity is up to you.

5 strategies for creating more personal videos

1. Show your face

Don’t be camera shy! Showing your face allows others to build trust, see your body language, feel your emotions and establish more of a connection. Remember to look directly at the camera when recording to make it look like you are making eye contact; and to pay attention to your body language. You should smile, wave, stand up or sit up straight – these types of elements all matter.

2. Get personal early on

This is a personalised video message, so it should be tailored for each recipient. Show immediate signs that this video was created specifically for them. A personalised subject line doesn’t cut it anymore because it’s so easy to automate them, you will need to go a step further. This can be by saying their name, having their name in the thumbnail by writing their name on a whiteboard or even adding their company logo to the video.

3. Keep it casual

Keep your tone conversational as if you’re talking to a friend, it makes you more relatable. Stay away from sounding too ‘salesy’ or automated like you’re reading from a script. If you make a mistake just roll with it – you are human after all!

4. Customise Calls to Action

One CTA doesn’t fit all. Customise and change your CTA set links to relate to the prospect or message.

5. Practice, practice, practice

Making personal video clips or creating an online video message can seem a bit unnatural at first, but the more you practice, the more comfortable it will get.

Recording with a personalised video software

Want to make life easier? App2Vid can help! We are one of the best personal video recorder platforms on the market. You can record, send and track the videos all from within your account. Most importantly, put your personalisation skills to the test. Take your video game a step further with our annotations, Call to Action buttons, custom branded landing pages, captions and customisable player features.

Not to mention, there is unlimited storage to store as many videos as you need. Need to record and send on the go? No worries! App2Vid has a personal video App that you can download on any mobile device and take it with you.

Start sending personal videos today!

Now that you know what a personalised video is and how to do it, get our personal video recorder platform and give it a try! Sign-up for a free demo to get started.