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Published on: Advice

Benefits of Branded Landing Pages and Calls-to-Action

Video has become one of the most powerful weapons to convert viewers into customers. More often than not, you can expect to find a video on most Landing Pages that you visit.

The ultimate goal of a Landing Page is to drive conversions and video accomplishes just that. Research suggests that adding video to an engaging Branded Landing Page increases conversions by 86%.

The App2Vid Team can work with you to create a bespoke Branded Landing Page which will push your business’ brand and lead to more conversions through Calls-to-Action.

Benefits of Branded Landing Pages

Push your brand!

We work directly with you to get exactly what you want from your Branded Landing Page design.

Our Branded Landing Pages will be in keeping with your company’s brand guidelines. Your logo will be prominent, your colour scheme will be brought to life and we will sell what you do with a short and impactful paragraph.

Not only does this look professional, it gets your brand recognised, builds a positive reputation and leads to more sales.

They team up well with Calls-to-Action!

Every App2Vid Landing Page can include multiple Calls-to-Action, so imagine how effective a Branded Landing Page with Calls-to-Action can be?

Benefits of Calls-to-Action

Not 1, not 2, not 3… but 7!

In App2Vid, a Landing Page can always include up to 7 Calls-to-Action. These Calls-to-Action buttons are what we call a Calls-to-Action Set.

Whether you use all 7 CTA buttons or just one or two in a CTA Set, you can create as many Sets as you like for different purposes and audiences.

Maximise results by directing the right people to the right places!

Depending on the purpose of your video and who you’re sending it to, you should create or choose a CTA Set that’s right for your campaign.

Whether you’re communicating with existing customers or prospecting new clients, you need to think about what you want them to do after watching your video.

Calls-to-Action can be used to drive traffic to certain website pages, direct people to important documents and encourage people to sign-up. They can also generate leads or straight up sell products!

Get in touch

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