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Published on: Advice

Combat video call ‘fatigue’ with App2Vid!

Working from home has now become more of a requirement than a perk. The majority of professionals (including our team) are being faced with ‘video call fatigue’ and email bombardment.

Everything we seem to do is reliant on technology, from binge-watching our favourite shows to email and chatting with friends. Staring at a screen becomes draining and all these video calls and emails take up more time than we’d like.

If you do find yourself feeling oddly tired and disengaged at work – you are not alone!

From 9am to 5pm you’re glued to your screen in a make-shift office with a chair that’s doing a number on your back. On top of body aches, you’re mentally exhausted and sitting on an hour plus long video call that could’ve been an email…

So how do you avoid ‘video call fatigue’?

Turn your calls into emails. Nobody (even the boss) likes being stuck on a call that seems to drag on and take up an afternoon that could’ve been used to tick off work. So why not upgrade how you do business with video email?

We understand that sometimes the topic is a bit too complicated to just be an email. This is one of the reasons we created App2Vid! You can easily record, edit, annotate and share to your team without having to take up everybody’s time.

Video emails can also be a great way to send a pick me up to your team – even just a quick thumbs up and a ‘great work’ can make the world of difference.

A video email can take less than a few minutes to record and share. So if you find yourself and your team becoming restless, replace your video calls with a video email!
You’ll be surprised at how simple and fun it can be.

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