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Published on: Advice

Enhance Your Videos with Annotations!

Add Calls-to-Action to your actual video! Annotations allow you to include hyperlinked text and logos to your personalised video messages.

It’s time to take your App2Vid game to another level with the Video Annotations feature! The tool lets you control when, where and how long your linked text and/or images appear on screen.

5 great reasons to use the Annotation tool

  1. Add your website and company logo to a video to improve brand awareness.
  2. Include hyperlinked Calls to Actions such as ‘Call Me’ on sales videos to drive engagement, create leads and increase sales.
  3. Mark your screen recordings to provide clarity.
  4. Personalise messages with the recipient’s name and/or logo to show you care and to add that element of professionalism.
  5. Templates of your Annotations can also be saved which allows you to re-use popular Annotations.

How to add Annotations to your video

Step 1
Select the video in your library you would like to annotate and click on ‘more options’ next to the video. Once you have clicked ‘more options’ select ‘Annotations’ and then click ‘New Annotation’.

Step 2
Here you can either select ‘Previous Annotations’ or select ‘Blank’ if you’re starting from scratch.

Step 3
Now is the time to decide whether you’re adding text or an image. To add text type your Annotation in the text box shown and you can edit the font, size and colour. To further emphasise the text you can add a background or border in any colour you choose. For images, simply upload your image and adjust the opacity and size.

Step 4
Click ‘Continue’. On this page you can choose the Annotations’ start and finish times, as well as where you would like them to appear. Please note Annotations can’t occupy the same position at the same time in a video.

Step 5
Finally, a hyperlink can be added as a Call-to-Action to an email, website page, phone number and more.

If you’d like to re-use the Video Annotation again it can be saved as a template. To do this flip the ‘Save as Template’ switch below the video – now you’ll be able to re-use the Annotation or use it as a starting point.

If you have any more questions a member of our team would be more than happy to help! Just call us on 01772 319 504 or email us on