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Published on: Advice

How to Boost Your Email Response Rate

Videos are great for engagement across all platforms and improve email response rate! Using a video in your email could increase open rates by 19% and click-through rates by as much as 65%!

Videos add a personal touch that creates a connection between the sender and recipient – a key aspect for a modern marketer or salesperson who wants to improve their email response rate. Here are some fantastic ways you can use videos and boost your email response rate…

  1. Keep it personal so you can improve your email response rate

Creating a video that directly addresses individuals helps them feel valued and understood. Using video to amplify the personal side of an email will improve your email response rate, as people feel you are addressing them directly. Add a human effect to persuade and inspire authority.

App2Vid helps you take personalisation that step further with engaging and customisable Calls to Action, annotations and Landing Pages.

  1. Increase trust in your brand

Email marketing is the ideal way to contact cold leads and nurture new customers or clients. But, it’s always a challenge to achieve immediate trust over competitors, especially well-established ones!

Combining great video content with email marketing is an essential tool when increasing trust in your brand and highlighting your values.

We advise against trying to sell your business straight away. Offer more value to recipients by providing them with useful tips, product reviews and general information. Your business will come across as commanding and likeable – boosting the likelihood of engagement.

  1. Make it simple to convey your brand’s personality

Sharing your company’s personality should be a key component of your emails. Brand values and personality help you stand out from the competitors before prospects form a relationship with your brand.

Try using emails to send attention grabbing videos that differentiate you from similar businesses. People always love behind-the-scenes snippets, employee moments and user-generated content that give your videos some extra magic. Ensuring your brand values are at the core of your marketing strategy helps foster engagement and loyalty.

  1. Target different areas of your sales funnel

Email response rate is increased with targeted segmentation and a video! Combining customer data with video content in an email will let you target specific customer segments in different parts of the sales funnel.

An example for the top of the funnel is sending video content that piques their interest. This is so they do business with your brand and get pushed through the funnel.

For clients who are deeper in the funnel, longer educational or explainer videos will be the best way to go. These customers already know your business so these videos can focus on engagement and building loyalty.

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