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Published on: Advice

How to boost Automotive Vehicle Sales

As automotive vehicle sales people will tell you, customer experience and satisfaction are the most important aspects of finalising a sale.

Conversational skills, listening skills and overall personal skills are what really close automotive vehicle sales, but sometimes it’s just not enough! So, what can add that extra bit you’re missing to push people towards that sale? We think it’s video

Video helps you gain trust, build relationships and set you apart from other businesses, especially in the automotive vehicle sales industry. Nobody likes receiving the usual lead responses – they’re boring and don’t leave an impactful impression – so why not try changing up your automotive vehicle sales approach?

You’re setting yourself apart by responding to automotive vehicle sales leads with a video through email or text. You’re showing the customer that you took the time to personally address them and introduce yourself and the dealership. It can also be a great way to show off specific cars by highlighting special features, colours, condition and other important factors.

However, don’t worry, your time doesn’t have to be spent consistently recording videos, App2Vid allows you to have an endless library that can be cut and merged to create an overall personalised video.

Sending a personalised video to customers can enhance their car buying experience. It makes you stand out from competitors and stay at the forefront of customers’ brains.

App2Vid is a go-to for many dealerships, allowing salesmen to easily record, send and track personalised messages. Also, initial lead follow-ups and car walk arounds really solidify how great that vehicle is.

Do you want to take great customer experience even further? A final ‘thank you’ video is always welcome and adds that little extra most dealerships are missing!

If you’d like to learn more about App2Vid and how it could help your company simply book a demo with a member of our team and we’ll get you selling more cars in no time.