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Published on: Advice

How to Merge videos and Trim videos on the Mobile App

The brand-new Mobile App Merge videos and Trim videos features are a game changer when it comes to video messaging.

Are you looking to Record videos, Merge videos and Trim videos with our Mobile App? Are you communicating with colleagues, customers and prospects through App2Vid? You can now Merge videos and Trim videos in the App2Vid Mobile App just like on Desktop Dashboard.

Merge videos and Trim videos to create one complete, professional video within the Mobile App. The video is then ready in your Primary Folder to send out to your clients, customers and prospects. These features are so easy to use!

How to Merge videos in the Mobile App

  1. When you open the Mobile App, you’ll notice the plus icon in the top right corner. By clicking this icon, you begin the process of Merging videos. You can Merge as many videos as you want.
  2. Select the videos you want to Merge and then click Next.
  3. To re-order any videos, press and hold the video you want to move until it highlights pink. When it’s highlighted, drag and drop it into the position you want it. When you’re happy with your order, click Merge in the top right corner to create your video.
  4. Give your video a title and click Save.
  5. After some short time for processing, your video appears in your Primary Folder ready to send.

How to Trim videos in the Mobile App

After you’ve recorded a video with the App2Vid Mobile App, it’s decision time! You can ‘Save’ the full video as it is or you can use the Trim tool to edit your content.

With the Trim tool, you can top and tail your video (trim the start and end to tidy it up) or simply isolate a particular section of the video you really like.

  1. When you open the Mobile App, record a video as you normally would.
  2. When you finish recording you will reach the video preview area.
  3. You can then Trim your video from either end by dragging the orange toggles to the correct places – these are located underneath the video’s structure at the bottom.
  4. When you’re finished Trimming and you’re happy with your video, click ‘Upload’ to then save it in your Primary Folder.
  5. It’s worth noting that if you’re not happy with your original recording you can click ‘Discard’. This will get rid of your recording and you can start again.

If you have any more questions, or you would like to Request a Demo, a member of our team will be more than happy to help! Just call us on 01772 319 504 or email us on