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Published on: Advice

Introducing the App2Vid Teleprompter video feature

You can now reach new levels when recording your personalised video messages with our Teleprompter video feature!

The Teleprompter video feature was one of the most requested we’ve ever had – and we’ve delivered! A game-changing tool, the Teleprompter video feature will make recording videos with App2Vid easier than it already is!

Using App2Vid’s brand new Teleprompter video feature will add that extra layer of quality to your video messaging. The Teleprompter feature allows you to create and save scripts that appear on screen when you are recording a video.

You will make eye contact with your recipient because you’ll be looking directly at the camera when reading your script. Also, you’ll have that professional edge over your competitors because your message will be structured, clear and concise.

It’s time to wow your colleagues, customers and prospects with professional video – start using the Teleprompter feature today!

How to use the Teleprompter in App2Vid

A step-by-step guide to using the Teleprompter

Step 1

Log in to App2Vid and click ‘Record’ on your toolbar.

Step 2

When choosing your recording option, select ‘Cam Only’.

Step 3

You’ll notice the word ‘Teleprompter’ – make sure you click the ‘Turn On’ button next to it.

Step 4

This will open the script creation area. Here you can write and save a new script or select a previous script from the ‘Select a script’ drop down menu. If you’re saving a new script, you will need to give it a relevant name.

Step 5

At the top of the script creation area, you can click the ‘Appearance’ tab to change how the script you have created or chosen will look. This includes adjusting the speed (changing how many words per minute appear), the position the script will appear from (top or bottom) and the text size (small, medium or large). Once you’re happy with your settings, click ‘Turn On’.

Step 6

You will be taken to the recording area of App2Vid. You can still edit the script if you want to make any tweaks ahead of your recording by clicking the ‘Edit’ button.

Step 7

When you start recording, the Teleprompter will scroll your text from the position and at the speed of your choosing. You can pause and resume the Teleprompter at any time during your recording through the ‘Pause Teleprompter’ button. You can also ‘Pause’ your recording as usual and this will also pause the Teleprompter. If you want to turn the Teleprompter off at any point, click the off button.

Step 8

You can create and edit scripts outside of the video recording area. Click on your account name in the top right and click ‘Teleprompter’ – this opens your list of Teleprompter Scripts. Here you can ‘Create New’ scripts and edit, preview and delete existing scripts.

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