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Published on: Advice

How to use the Vault & Password Protection options for private videos

Sometimes you need to have private videos, whether that’s to protect confidential information or safeguard your business.

You can secure videos with App2Vid’s Vault and Password Protection options! Both features work in slightly different ways to protect videos and keep them private.

Make private videos by moving them to your Vault folder

The Vault option allows you to share a video that expires after one view.

How to use the Vault folder

  1. Once your video is ready in your Primary folder, click the checkbox next to the video.
  2. Select the Move / Copy button at the top of the Dashboard, select the Vault option and click Move video.
  3. Once you’ve moved your video, head to your Vault folder by using the Folder drop down menu at the top of the Dashboard.
  4. Next to your chosen video, click Send and Share. Then add your recipients, subject line and supporting message.
  5. Just pick your Landing Page and Calls to Action Set and hit Send Video.

Password Protection feature

The Password Protection feature allows you to make private videos by password protecting them. Only those who have the password can view the video and the password can be changed at any time.

How to activate Password Protection

  1. To Password Protect a video select More Options next to your chosen video.
  2. Now you are in the video settings area, click Security in the left-hand menu.
  3. Turn on the Password protected section and set a strong password that can be shared with your recipients.
  4. Once you’ve done this, click Save.
  5. Send your video as you normally would but remember to give the password to your recipients as well.

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