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Screen Recording App for Sharing Video Customer Service Tutorials.

Get personal, solve someone’s problem and make someone’s day with our Screen Recording App for sharing Video Customer Service Tutorials! Video is a great way to connect with clients and let them experience that human touch. Our Video Recording App has Screen Recording and Screen Sharing capabilities – ideal for quality Video Customer Service Tutorials.

Get in Touch
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Video Customer Service.

Video Customer Service gives your clients a memorable experience! App2Vid is flexible and can be used as a Screen Recording App and Video Recording App with Screen Sharing abilities – perfect for customer satisfaction and Video Customer Service Tutorials.

An Image Displaying an Example of a Video Email Using App2Vid
Setting the Tone

It’s impossible to convey the right tone through a written email. Use App2Vid video email to give a friendly and personal service like you would face-to-face.

Make Queries Simple and Alleviate Confusion

Explaining details over text isn’t easy. Reduce the risk of misunderstanding with clear video explanations backed up by Screen Sharing and Calls to Action that direct customers to helpful web pages.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Delight customers with unique experiences that keep them coming back and spreading the word. Go the extra mile by supporting your points with Screen Sharing and Screen Recording.

Transform Training

Record a Video Tutorial to provide the efficiency and value of in-person training without the price tag and travel time.

Own Up to Mistakes

Mishaps happen. Our App allows you to send a video email to be sincere and to provide a clear resolution.

An Image Displaying an Example of a Video Email for Customer Service Using App2Vid
Image Displaying Someone Recording a Car Walkaround Video with App2Vid for the Automotive Industry