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Forklift and Industrial Equipment Vehicles – the Walkaround Video App.

Materials Handling Equipment has never been an easy sell, but Forklift Vehicle walkaround videos can make all the difference! Create a Forklift Vehicle walkaround video with App2Vid and easily send to your prospects – they are simple but effective…

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Use Walkaround Video to Boost Industrial Equipment Sales.

If the customer doesn’t see a difference it usually comes down to one thing – cost! A vehicle walkaround video can be that all important differentiator. Detailed and impactful Forklift walkaround videos show the client what they’re missing.

Walkaround Videos

Just a few easy clicks on your mobile and your customer is watching your unique walkaround video via email, text or other messaging platforms.

Sell More Used Equipment

More engaging than the normal ‘4 pictures against a wall’ approach. You can also easily add any of the videos to your website.

Let Your Personality Shine

Forget sending dry, boring emails or trying unwanted cold calls – leave that to your competitors! Include a video intro and enjoy a better response.

Business Winning Proposals

If you can’t present it in person do the next best thing. Send a personal video email with you on screen running through the important points of your proposal.

Demo the Difference

If your prospect isn’t aware of any then it can easily come down to cost! A targeted vehicle walkaround video is more effective than hoping they read it from a specification sheet!

Effective Site Surveys

Reduce the number of expensive mistakes and video the application. You can also use the ‘Reply To’ button if you want confirmation of something from your customer.

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Are you missing vital opportunities to create additional revenue from rental?

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Vehicle Explainer Walkaround Videos – Save Time and Money

Save wasted time on phone calls and visits to explain why ‘there isn’t a plug on the charger’. Create vehicle walkaround video explainers and send in an email with the hire documents.

Off Hire Inspections

Easily video the condition of the machines either on site, whilst being collected or back at the depot. Damage charges can then be applied, with the support of the walkaround video, and sent in one email with the invoice.

End of Contract Charges

Use our App to video the equipment before it comes off site. You then have the option to either invoice for any damage or use it to negotiate the next deal.

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After Sales.

Record and store video footage to improve your after sale service.

Equipment Servicing

Having issues or need to keep a visual record of how equipment is serviced? Video is far more powerful and accurate than taking photographs.


Accidents happen, especially when man and machinery are in close proximity. App2Vid videos synchronise with the Dashboard once created, so don’t worry about losing important videos.

Chargeable Extras

Customers don’t like to be hit with additional charges, so if you need to charge make sure you have the walkaround video to back it up.

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Other Key Benefits.

Other key benefits for Industrial Equipment.

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If it’s a Used Forklift have the overlay as the main Used Equipment page.

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If it’s going to help the sale – show and tell! A walkaround video is far more effective than a picture.

An Icon Displaying a Tick   Improve Your Email Marketing

For even better results embed your video into a branded company introduction email.

An Icon Displaying a Tick   Video View Notifications

You can see when it’s watched, how many times and what parts they watched. Perfect info for your follow up!

An Icon Displaying a Tick   Create Your Unique Video Library

Combine videos you take with any corporate ones. You can then send direct from your smartphone, tablet or computer via email, SMS and social media.

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Let your customer sell your product for you. Video onsite face-to-face, with a webcam or send them a video request so they can reply from their mobile or computer.

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If the customer isn’t sure what they need ask them to video the application and send it back through the ‘Reply By Video’ button.

An Icon Displaying a Tick   Sell Your Service

If you have better equipped service vehicles, or you want to show your workshops, let video do it for you. Easily send your walkaround video with a service agreement.

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