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Graphic Displaying Someone Clicking on a Video Email for the Email Response Rate Blog

How to Boost Your Email Response Rate

Videos are great for engagement across all platforms and improve email response rate! Using a video in your email could increase open rates by 19% and click-through rates by as much as 65%! Videos add a personal touch that creates a connection between the sender and recipient – a key

An Illustration of the App2Vid Mobile App for the Why is Video More Effective Than Text Blog

Why is Video More Effective Than Text?

Comparing text to video is very easy when it comes to grabbing people’s attention. In the modern world people generally prefer to watch TV over reading a book. This also applies to people in work, especially when it comes to emails and messages. Would people want words on a screen
A Graphic Displaying a Trophy Icon for the Determining the Success of Your Video Emails Blog

Determining the Success of Your Video Emails

For any tool, platform or strategy you implement, tracking its effectiveness is key. Is it making a difference? Where is it making a difference? Am I getting a good ROI? Implementing video emails into your outreach is no different. Note Your KPIs  To see where you’re going you have to
An Illustration of a Video Email for the Avoid Spam Filters with App2Vid Blog

6 Tactics to Drive More Users with Video Content

Watching videos is now a common occurrence in everyday life. No matter how you look at it everybody, every day, consumes some form of video content. Whether it's online or on the TV, video content is a great way to catch attention. This has made video a key marketing tool