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Video Email: What Is It and When to Use It

It’s the end of another quarter. Maybe your sales are slow, your current accounts aren’t expanding or you need something to help the team jazz up their current process.

Video Email is a great form of communication that thousands of businesses are now embracing. A Video Email platform benefits both your team and your clients, as it drives engagement through innovation.

You can use Video Email for marketing but it works even better as a sales tool. Video Email assists your sales team, helping increase sales frequency and expand existing accounts.

Sales reps are able break up the monotony of faceless phone calls and non-personal emails by putting a face to the name with Video Email.

The magic of Video Email

When browsing social media you’re more likely to watch a quick video than read a paragraph of text. Video is far more attractive and engaging than any other form of media. Better yet, social video generates 1200% more shares than text and image content combined.

Video Email gives you and your recipients the flexibility and convenience of an email, but has the connection of a Zoom meeting. If your company isn’t on board with the latest trends and changing times you could be left behind.

What is a Video Email?

Rather than writing a plain text email you would use your webcam to record your message. By creating Video Email you put a face to the name and add that human touch. Typically, these are short, one-off videos and are highly personalised for each recipient.

You can share these videos easily via email, text or social media and recipients can watch your video on a Branded Landing Page which has clickable Call-to-Action buttons.

It’s similar to a traditional email but a Video Email is embedded within the message. When you open up the Video Email in your inbox the Animated Snapshot/Video Preview GIF immediately captures your attention and encourages you to click and watch.

An Image Displaying an Example of a Video Email Using App2Vid

When to use Video Email instead of a plain-text message:

  1. To stand out from other email communications
    Our inboxes are flooded! Adding Video Email into your sales process makes you different from your competition and helps you break through the noise of a crowded inbox.
  2. To make a positive impression
    56% of customers are more likely to buy a product or service when an experience is created. Adding a small touch of personalisation through Video Email can make a big impact.
  3. To increase response rates
    Personalised Video Email creates a human connection. Your recipients see that you take the time to speak to them directly. They feel an emotional response when they hear you understand their pain and have a solution to offer.
  4. When you need to build trust
    Gaining a customer’s trust is essential to securing a sale. With Video Email, you have been given the tools to help you succeed. Being in front of the camera immediately puts a face to the name, helping to build a stronger relationship.

Can I send a Video Email for free?

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