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Published on: Advice

Why is Video More Effective Than Text?

Comparing text to video is very easy when it comes to grabbing people’s attention.

In the modern world people generally prefer to watch TV over reading a book. This also applies to people in work, especially when it comes to emails and messages. Would people want words on a screen that can be difficult to read or a video that moves around and catches the eye?

An Image Displaying an Example of a Video Email Using App2Vid

Grab attention with video

Your customer is looking through their inbox – what stands out to them more a bit of text on a normal-looking email or movement demonstrating a product or service? People are more likely to open, click and remember the video rather than just wording.

Rich content

Processing video is 60,000 times faster than text (Hubspot). This is because it uses both visual and audio features to help viewers understand its purpose. It allows people to experience engaging and entertaining content in an email or message.

You can create tailored content quickly without having to worry about whether your message was misunderstood. People will process the message easier than a written format.

In today’s market, it isn’t just marketing departments that utilise video content. Professionals in all sectors and industries are using video to help sales, provide training and improve customer service.

Engage viewers and drive action

Videos are a great way to provoke an emotional reaction from someone. Being able to create these engagements is what makes video stand out against other forms of communication.

Whilst the information in your videos may be interesting, remember to include Calls to Action that encourage viewers to do something with that information.

Create memorable content

Video allows us to convey messages more clearly. Body language, tone of voice and eye contact help to ensure the information we put across communicates the correct message.

These simple cues allow us to understand what people are trying to say and provide an opportunity to stand out from your competitors. Having a visual style that’s more aesthetically pleasing makes you stand out from the competition.

Close Up Image of a Customer Using the Mobile App to Record an Automotive Walkaround Video

Easy to create

Our system makes creating content simple. With many people now using smartphones with high-quality HD cameras, recording has never been easier.

Webcams and screen recording capabilities means sending explanation videos is straightforward and painless. App2Vid allows you to create a video in seconds!

Ready to test video messaging for yourself?

App2Vid provides video email software that helps businesses and individuals communicate more effectively, build relationships faster and reinforce their brands with easy-to-make personalised videos.

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