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App2Vid is the simple way to record, edit and share videos by email, SMS, social media & more. Use App2Vid to massively improve client and prospect engagement & win more business.


What are the negatives of selling without App2Vid.

Selling Without App2Vid.

Blending In: Emails can feel more impersonal and generic, which means they blend into a customers inbox.

Lack of Detailed Analytics: You’re unable to track the customer’s opens and clicks in detail without App2Vid.

Less Conversion Potential: Videos are known to boost conversion rates through more effective demonstrations and emotional appeals.

Limited Communication Effectiveness: Text-only messages can sometimes fail to convey complex information as effectively as videos.

What are the positives of selling with App2Vid.

Selling With App2Vid.

Stand Out: Videos are proven to drive engagement and can make your message stand out from the usual text-based sales pitches.

Detailed Analytics: See when prospects have watched your video, how long they watched, along with other engagement metrics.

Higher Conversions: Videos capture attention more effectively than text or static images proving to increase conversion potential.

Communicate Effectively: Convey complex messages more clearly. Create demonstrations, tutorials, and personal messages by video.

App2Vid Features.

Unlike our competitors, all of the below features are included in our App2Vid Subscription leaving no nasty surprises.

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App2Vid Integrations.

Our app integrates with industry-leading pieces of software including CRMs like Hubspot and Salesforce, allowing our users to take further advantage of our amazing tool throughout all of their marketing activities.

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Hubspot CRM
Salesforce CRM
Youtube Video Software
Zoom Video Call
LinkedIn Integration

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    Video is proven to grab attention, increase sales, maximise revenues and engage customers. Stand out from your competitors with App2Vid.