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Show your clients and prospects that you care by putting a face to the name and the sale with personalised App2Vid video emails and messages. Add that personalised human touch with our Video Email and Message App.

Video is proven to grab attention, increase sales, maximise revenues and engage customers. Why not try our App?

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Example Image of an App2Vid Video Email

App2Vid is the simple way to record, edit and share videos by email, SMS and social media. Use App2Vid to massively improve client and prospect engagement.

Are your emails simply not hitting the mark?

If you’re still sending boring typed out emails then it’s no wonder. Composing a wordy email takes precious time and text alone shows no emotion.

Using App2Vid builds relationships through stress-free videos and, with ‘Reply By Video’ for your clients, it’s just like a face-to-face meeting.

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Who said anything about a fair fight?

Selling is tough! Stop trying to win business by being the same as your competitors.

You need to stand out in the competitive business world and App2Vid is the all-important differentiator at all stages of the Sales Cycle.

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An Image of a Customer Recording a Personalised Show and Tell Video Email with the App2Vid Mobile App

Let’s put the fun back into selling!

We’ve all missed face-to-face meetings, but that doesn’t mean we have to be so business like and boring!

Video emails are an effective tool to have at your disposal – they are great fun to do and your customers and prospects will love the approach. Trust us, we’ve seen the results!

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Want to see what your clients would receive?

If you don’t open boring emails, why do you think your clients will?

Well, the answer is, they won’t. As digital traffic continues to grow it’s only going to get harder to cut through the digital noise.

If you want to see an example of what your email could look like with App2Vid, fill out the form below!

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