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App2vid’s Terms & Conditions

Important. please read the terms and conditions of this end-user license agreement carefully. By using the app2 vid service, you agree to all of the terms and conditions contained herein. 

1. Description of App2vid Service:

App2vid provides Users with a video communication platform that includes instant impact Video Email service. Each of these services individually or collectively referred to as App2vid Service are subscription-based services based on a monthly or annual user fee and, when needed, the purchase of additional App2Vid products.

App2vid may from time to time offer limited use or promotional offers related to its services and products. App2vid reserves the right to terminate any such offers at any time at its sole discretion. Any videos, presentations, contact lists or other data, information, etc. that is stored in the User´s account during such offers will be permanently lost when the offer is terminated if the User elects not to subscribe to the service.

2. Acceptance Conditions:

By accepting the terms and conditions for the purchase and use of App2vid services or products, the User represents and warrants that you are eighteen (18) years of age, have read and accept the terms and conditions stated in this agreement and have the legal authority to enter into this agreement.

The User agrees that it shall defend, indemnify, save and hold App2vid harmless from any and all demands, liabilities, losses, costs and claims including reasonable attorneys´ fees asserted against App2vid, its agents, servants, officer and employees that may arise or result from any service provided for or performed or agreed to be performed or any product sold by User, its agents, employees or assigns.

The effective date of this agreement is the date on which the User´s first subscription payment is received. Monthly billing will occur on that date or the first workday following that date.

3. Registration and Payment Information:

Upon entering this agreement, the User shall be required to provide registration and payment information. The User assures App2vid that all such information is accurate, current and complete. The User has the additional responsibility to provide App2vid with updated information as changes occur. Determination that any registration or payment information fails to meet these conditions may result in the immediate cancellation of the service to the User and the loss of any videos, presentations, contact lists or other data that is stored in the User´s account.

4. App2vid Rights and Responsibilities:

App2vid has the right to collect personal and payment information necessary to open and maintain a User account and to bill the User on your monthly anniversary date for continued service.

App2vid has the responsibility to assure that all personal and payment information as well as Username and Password provided by the User is collected and maintained in a manner to assure the User´s privacy. See the App2vid Privacy policy for more information.

App2vid has the right to add, modify or delete features on existing services and products at its sole discretion without prior notice to Users.

App2vid has the right to monitor all User material entered and stored on App2vid services to assure that App2vid servers are not used for any unlawful purpose. These include, but are not limited to, copyrighted materials, materials that violate state or federal laws, regulations, standards or generally recognized community standards. App2vid reserves the right to immediately delete any objectionable materials without notice to the User and to terminate access to the User´s account. While App2vid has the right to monitor and remove content from a User´s service(s), it denies any responsible for such content.

App2vid will from time to time make available services and products that are in Beta Testing. App2vid will clearly communicate the Beta status of any such product to the User with the understanding that such services and products may not consistently function due to unsolved technical issues. Users using services in Beta Test may be asked for feedback on the performance of the service to help enhance the development of said service.

5. User Rights and Responsibilities:

The User has the right to use all contracted services for as long as you maintain a current paid subscription. This includes the right to record, upload, store and email videos and still images, create and upload Power Point Presentations and videos for Live Presentation and to conduct Live Conferences provided they comply with User conduct requirements below.

The User has the right to cancel any App2vid service(s) with a 30 day written notice to App2vid by email. Upon cancellation of service, any stored videos, presentations, contact lists, etc. will be deleted and access to the service(s) will be immediately terminated.

The User has the right to choose your own Username and Password for accessing the App2vid service(s) and to change your Password at your discretion. The User has the responsibility to protect their Username and Password to prevent unauthorized access into their account.

6. User Conduct:

The User agrees that you are solely responsible for the audio and visual content of any text, videos, still images or other media recorded, uploaded or otherwise entered into any App2vid service. The User understands and acknowledges that you are not permitted by this agreement to enter, store, send or otherwise convey any material using App2vid services that are unlawful by state or federal laws, regulations or standards, or are reasonably considered to be abusive, threatening, obscene or otherwise morally objectionable by community standards.

The User agrees to comply with any and all federal anti-spam laws when sending video emails. App2vid does not permit the transmission of unsolicited bulk email (UBE) or unsolicited commercial email (UCE) known collectively as spam nor do we permit the use, sale or development of software that intentionally hides or alters the origin of the sender. App2vid also prohibits the sale of bulk email lists containing unauthorized and/or unconfirmed email addresses or the sale of other spam friendly material.

The User agrees that you will not in any way attempt to copy, change, modify or capture any source codes, software or service(s) provided by App2vid without express written consent from App2vid.

7. Trademarks & Copyrights:

App2vid warrants that it has the right to use any applicable trademarks or copyrighted material used in connection with this service.

8. Guarantees and Warranties:

App2vid may offer Users suggested uses and applications of App2vid services and products for improving communication, management and service; however, it offers no guarantees that the use of App2vid services and products will deliver any specific results or benefits intended or expected by the User.

App2vid provides no warranty that its services will operate error free, without interruption of service due to the many outside variables that may affect internet services provided by or through App2vid. App2vid does represent that it will make every good faith effort to ensure that the App2vid servers are available as widely as possible and with as little service interruption as possible.

App2vid does not assume any responsibility for any damages suffered by the user including loss of data resulting from delays, non-deliveries or service interruptions by any causes, error or omissions of the User. App2vid expressly limits their damages to the User for any non-accessibility time or other down time to the pro-rata monthly charge    during the system unavailability.

9. Terms and Conditions of Use Revisions:

Revisions to these terms and conditions of use will be applicable to previous App2vid terms and conditions of use. Revisions will be considered agreed to by the User.

This agreement constitutes the entire understanding of the parties. Any changes or modifications to these terms and conditions of use thereto are agreed to by both parties upon renewal of services. These terms and conditions of use shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of the state or Indiana and of the Internet.