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Author: tlhadmin

Laptop and mobile phone featuring new App2vid update

New App2Vid Features You Don’t Want to Miss

App2vid is excited to announce the brand-new features for desktop and mobile! Sending videos via email has never been easier, and with these amazing new App2Vid features, it’s never been better. With the introduction of files, QR codes, captions, chapters, and so much more, your

App2Vid YouTube Integration Graphic

Upload your videos straight to your YouTube Channel from App2Vid

You can now upload your videos directly to your YouTube Channel through App2Vid thanks to our brand-new YouTube Integration! With the YouTube Integration feature you eliminate the time-consuming steps of downloading your App2Vid video, heading over to YouTube and manually uploading the chosen video to

A Graphic Displaying an Image of a Person Using Video Lighting When Recording with App2Vid

The Best Lighting for Webcams and Videos

It’s a common misconception that shooting with a high-quality camera will automatically result in top-notch images and footage. While a premium camera certainly does make an impact, the number one factor to create clear, crisp and high-definition videos and images actually stems from your lighting.

Graphic Displaying an Image of a Person Using the Teleprompter Feature

Introducing the App2Vid Teleprompter video feature

You can now reach new levels when recording your personalised video messages with our Teleprompter video feature! The Teleprompter video feature was one of the most requested we’ve ever had – and we’ve delivered! A game-changing tool, the Teleprompter video feature will make recording videos

A Graphic Displaying the Merge Videos Area of the App2Vid Mobile App

How to Merge videos and Trim videos on the Mobile App

The brand-new Mobile App Merge videos and Trim videos features are a game changer when it comes to video messaging. Are you looking to Record videos, Merge videos and Trim videos with our Mobile App? Are you communicating with colleagues, customers and prospects through App2Vid?