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Win Car Sales with personal Walk Around Automotive Video Marketing.

Have the ability to create Automotive walk around videos and sell through Automotive video marketing! App2Vid is designed for the car industry and helps you create a seamless experience for your customers, especially with walk around videos and video marketing. Automotive videos will drive sales for your business.

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Build Trust with Customers Through Video.

Automotive video will help you make a good first impression in the industry, which is an essential part of car sales. What better way to do it than putting a face to the name through Automotive video marketing and Automotive walk around videos!

Close Up Image of a Customer Using the Mobile App to Record an Automotive Walkaround Video
Be Better Than the Competition

It’s a competitive world so don’t send the same generic sales leads response – leave that to other dealerships. Cut through inbox clutter, prove you’re different!

Record Vehicle Walk Around Videos

Offer customers a 360 video of a particular vehicle, highlighting special features, colour and condition. Don’t tell them what they’re missing – show them and send your Automotive walk around video with a branded Landing Page.

Cater for All Audiences

With the captions feature your audio is converted into subtitles – a must-have tool for modern day video marketing.

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Staying in Pole Position.

Eliminate No Shows

Notify your leads with personalised videos and let them know you’re looking forward to their appointment.

Invite “I’ll Be Backs”

Unless they’re Arnie, you need to make sure the “I’ll be backs” do come back. Send a follow-up to unsold leads and win their business.

Customer for Life

Whether your business is sales, service, repairs or mechanical, we all strive for one thing – customer retention! Build relationships by sending thoughtful video emails through their entire buying process.

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Provide Superior Service.

Close Up Image of a Customer Using the Mobile App to Record an Automotive Walkaround Video
Provide Proof

Use video to build trust and transparency with verified, recommended repairs. People will part with their money when they know it’s a job well done.

Send Service Reminders

Don’t lose your customers! Get a jump on future service appointments with video reminders.

Get Repeat Business

Excellent service will keep people coming back. Send personalised video emails expressing your gratitude to maintain their business. Marketing yourself never stops, especially in the Automotive industry!

Image Displaying Someone Recording a Car Walkaround Video with App2Vid for the Automotive Industry