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Corporate videos for businesses! Use our Business Communication App.

The corporate world is changing rapidly. Expectations to travel all over the country in formal wear have reduced. Our Business Communication App can bring life to the corporate digital-era through personal videos for businesses.

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An Image Displaying an Example of a Video Email for Corporate Business Using App2Vid

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Don’t Just Be Another Name on the Screen with AppVid – the Business Communication App for You!

Personalised Business Communication App that puts a face to the name. Make professional corporate videos for businesses.

An Image of a Person Experiencing Zoom Fatigue
Businesses Can Combat Zoom Fatigue

Meetings are quicker and easier to hold, but why do we find live video calls so draining? Use App2Vid to record your presentation videos and then send to your audience. You can also include Calls to Action and a Reply by Video option.

Increased Efficiency and Clarity

Make outdated company newsletters and calendar updates a thing of the past. With App2Vid businesses can send engaging video announcements straight from email.

A Personal Introduction

Don’t become just another name on a screen! Use App2Vid to showcase you and your business and build better relationships. Our website overlay and dedicated Call to Action buttons prompt your recipient – making it the perfect Business Communication App.

An Image Displaying an Example of a Video Email Using App2Vid
An Image Displaying an Example of a Video Email for Corporate Business Using App2Vid
Scale Culture

Don’t let the size of your business diminish the importance of a close-knit company culture. With multiple video users, you can keep it personal and improve communication between cities or even countries!

Professionalism Meets Personality

Your corporate image and core values can be represented within each video email – lead with your brand and add your personal message! Why not offer a 360 video tour of your office or building for new employees?

Cut to the Chase

Ditch drawn-out training sessions and booking available rooms. Onboard new employees by delivering resources straight to their inbox through App2Vid.

Analytics and Reporting

Get notified when your recipient watches your video with analytics! Detailed reports show when and where your prospect opened the email, how many times the video has been viewed or certain areas that were repeated.

An Image Showing Video Analytics and Insights in App2Vid
Image Displaying Someone Recording a Car Walkaround Video with App2Vid for the Automotive Industry