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The Video Marketing Platform and App for Customised Email Marketing!

Marketing means brand awareness, improving your clients’ sales, tendering for new business or announcing a new product or service. Take your Marketing to the next level with our Video Marketing App and Platform for video personalisation and Customised Video Email Marketing Campaigns.

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A Video Marketing App Designed for Video Personalisation and Customised Marketing.

With our Video Marketing App and Platform, you can create eye-catching, Customised Email Marketing Campaigns through video from your browser or mobile! Achieve video personalisation in a matter of minutes with App2Vid.

Enhance Email Campaigns

Break through the noise of a busy inbox by delivering striking Customised Video Email Marketing with personalisation that engages your audience in just one click. Use Website Overlay to provide that professional touch.

A Personal Touch

Don’t become just another name on a screen. Use App2Vid, our Video Marketing App and Platform, to showcase you and your business and build better relationships in the process. Our Website Overlay, Branded Landing Page and Calls to Action options help do just that!

Generate the Buzz

Already have great content or successful campaigns? Why not send out a Customised Video Email teaser direct from the Video Marketing App and prompt your recipient to engage with Call to Action buttons.

Captivate Your Customers

Showcase the personalities of your business and allow true potential to shine with video personalisation. Delight your customers with clear, informative and Customised Video with engaging Marketing content to maximise first time impact.

Read All About It

Worried that your video may be played without sound? The App2Vid Platform and App includes a Caption function, so you can add subtitles to ensure your message is read.

Video Analytics

Receive real-time updates as your Customised Video Email Marketing Campaign gains traction! With comprehensive but simple reporting within the Video Marketing App and Platform, App2Vid will notify you when your video has been opened and where and how often it has been played.

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Image Displaying Someone Recording a Car Walkaround Video with App2Vid for the Automotive Industry