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Win and close sales with video content through our Video Sales App!

Gaining customer trust and promoting your products is difficult in a digital world. Our Video Sales App will help you stand out from those competitors who send text heavy emails and make impersonal cold calls. How? By creating personal Sales Videos!

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Stand Out From Competitors.

Video is the quickest and most effective way to help increase your sales. Use our Video Sales App to create easy, effective and personal Sales Videos.

Close Up Image of a Customer Using the Mobile App to Record a Customer Facing Video
Make That Connection, Faster

People want to do business with people. Create personal messages by incorporating video into your initial engagement, you don’t get two chances to make a good first impression!

Keep Prospects Engaged

Using App2Vid’s Call to Action function you can direct your recipient to further content like website Blogs and new products or prompt them to contact you for further information.

Stay On Track and On Time

Constructing the right email takes time and energy. Failing to do so can lead to misunderstandings or even stop a deal dead in its tracks. Add tone, inflection and body language into your video to ensure relationships aren’t derailed.

Simplicity is Bliss

Shorten sales cyclesDelve into product overviews or address questions without sending lengthy emails or waiting weeks to coordinate diaries. Keep the lines of communication open and your prospect can watch at their convenience.

An Image Displaying an Example of a Video Email for Customer Service Using App2Vid
An Image Showing Video Analytics and Insights in App2Vid
Detailed Reporting

Be the first to react by receiving real-time notifications when your videos are viewed – a powerful tool to have when you’re trying to turn leads into opportunities.

Say Thanks!

Let your customer know they made the right decision with a simple “Thank you” video. After all, they have some of the highest view rates – everyone likes to be appreciated!

Image Displaying Someone Recording a Car Walkaround Video with App2Vid for the Automotive Industry