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Published on: Advice

3 Reasons to Start Sending Thank You Videos to Customers and Prospects

Sending thank you videos seems like a simple concept, but videos like these can make a huge difference in communication, whether that be internally or externally. Here’s 3 reasons why you should send thank you videos…

1. Thank you videos stand out

There’s no doubt your email inbox is full, just like everyone else. It’s essential to do whatever it takes to stand out in the flood of emails and thank you videos can help you do this.

By creating and sending a video as a means of communication, you’re putting a face to the name and already differentiating yourself from other emails and other potential competitors.

Sending over a quick video lets your prospect know that you’re there to communicate with them if needs be and, more importantly, it lets them know you care as you’re willing to put that extra effort in.

2. Thank you videos add personalisation

In today’s digital age, the best way to express yourself is online. Try expressing yourself online by turning a thank you message into a video!

There are plenty of creative ways to showcase yourself and your brand and to give someone a personal experience. More people are likely to respond to you and remember your message this way.

You can send a video after a meeting or if you’ve just connected with someone on LinkedIn and want to thank them for connecting; the opportunities are endless. This will show the person that you are genuine and you value their needs and time.

3. They improve response rates

Above everything else, thank you videos help people remember who you are. However, they also encourage people to respond to your message, as it is such a unique experience. With regards to statistics, video messages are shown to increase open rates and response rates. A video message can encourage people to keep communicating and to build a relationship.

Ready to give it a go?

An app like App2Vid will suit all of your needs in order to make a great impression in the digital world! App2Vid makes it very easy to send your videos via email, text, social media or through your preferred CRM platform.

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