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Selling Points

Selling Points

What are the negatives of selling without App2Vid.

Selling Without App2Vid.

Blending In: Emails can feel more impersonal and generic, which means they blend into a customers inbox.

Lack of Detailed Analytics: You’re unable to track the customer’s opens and clicks in detail without App2Vid.

Less Conversion Potential: Videos are known to boost conversion rates through more effective demonstrations and emotional appeals.

Limited Communication Effectiveness: Text-only messages can sometimes fail to convey complex information as effectively as videos.

What are the positives of selling with App2Vid.

Selling With App2Vid.

Stand Out: Videos are proven to drive engagement and can make your message stand out from the usual text-based sales pitches.

Detailed Analytics: See when prospects have watched your video, how long they watched, along with other engagement metrics.

Higher Conversions: Videos capture attention more effectively than text or static images proving to increase conversion potential.

Communicate Effectively: Convey complex messages more clearly. Create demonstrations, tutorials, and personal messages by video.