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Upload your videos straight to your YouTube Channel from App2Vid

You can now upload your videos directly to your YouTube Channel through App2Vid thanks to our brand-new YouTube Integration!

With the YouTube Integration feature you eliminate the time-consuming steps of downloading your App2Vid video, heading over to YouTube and manually uploading the chosen video to your Channel.

Now you can simply share videos straight to your YouTube channel from within your App2Vid Desktop Dashboard.

This feature is an amazing addition to App2Vid and a terrific tool for multiple industries, especially the Forklift, Materials Handling Equipment and Industrial Equipment industry.

How do I use the YouTube Channel Integration?

  1. Once your recorded or uploaded video is ready, select the ‘Send + Share’ option.
  2. Click ‘Social’ and then click the YouTube icon.
  3. Log in to the Google Account that is linked to the YouTube Channel you want to upload your video to – this will connect your App2Vid account to your YouTube Channel.
  4. You will then be taken to the uploading page. Give your video a title and a short description. If you like, before uploading, you can preview your video in the thumbnail at the top of the uploading page – simply click the play button and make sure the sound is turned on.
  5. When you’re happy with your video, its title and its description, select either ‘Make this video Public’ or ‘Make this video Private’ and click the Upload to YouTube button.

After your video has finished uploading, you can head to your YouTube Channel’s Video Library to see that your video has been successfully uploaded.

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Speaking of YouTube…

Make sure you check out the official App2Vid YouTube Channel where you will find our up to date library of ‘How to’ videos.

App2Vid Integrations.

Our app integrates with industry-leading pieces of software including CRMs like Hubspot and Salesforce, allowing our users to take further advantage of our amazing tool throughout all of their marketing activities.

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Unleash the power of video.

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