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Video Email templates and examples for each stage of the Sales Cycle

Do you want to entice your potential customers and get them through the sales funnel? Video Email is your go-to tool and here are some Video Email templates and examples for you to try.

Videos via email are a simple and quick solution to add to your sales process that will generate better open rates, click-through rates and response rates, all whilst connecting with prospects via a more personal and effective method – here are some Video Email templates for you to have a go at!

Video Emails help you stand out amongst an inbox filled with other emails, as it is a very different approach to the standard text emails. They help you quickly build rapport with potential customers and add a human touch to your outreach.

We understand more than anyone that being on a video can be a scary thought. Our aim is to make you confident on camera so you can reap the benefits of selling via video. That is why we have created Video Email templates and scripts to advance you quickly through using videos.

Examples of Video Email templates

Cold Email Outreach

85% of cold emails get binned. For your email to get noticed, you need to do something different. A cold Video Email is essentially introducing yourself, offering value to the viewer and adding some personalisation. It doesn’t need to be long, even 30 seconds can make a huge impact!


Hey [Prospect Name]! I’m [Your Name] and I am reaching out with [Your Company Name]. We are [brief overview of company]. Typically, we work with [who you commonly help – department, industry, pain points, etc.]. I’m reaching out because we help teams like yours [share why you are reaching out/how you’re a good fit]. I’d love to connect and hear more about your team and business to see if we can be of any help. Click the link below to schedule a time on my calendar. Take care!

Follow Up Video Email Templates

No response to your original email? Most sales will require a follow-up to capture your intended recipient.


Hi [Recipient Name], [Your Name] with [Your Company] here. I wanted to follow up on my previous email with a personalised video, as this might be a better way to connect, put a face to a name, and share my message with you. As I mentioned, we work with teams just like yours and help [explain your value prop]. I’d love to show you how other teams are benefitting from [your product/service] today. Click that button below to schedule a time to chat, and I look forward to hearing from you soon! Thanks.

Meeting Recap

Sending your recipient a thank you for their time, summary of key points you’ve discussed and outlining next steps will keep prospects engaged and moving throughout your sales funnel. You can also add links to relevant resources and documents using App2Vid’s Call-to-Action buttons.


Hi [Recipient Name] – it was great talking with you earlier and I wanted to thank you again for taking the time out of your busy day. I wanted to send over a quick recap of what we discussed to make sure we’re all on the same page. [Share major meeting recap/goals/pain points]. I’d love to continue this conversation and dive into some specifics to see how we can help! I’ve included a link to a case study with a similar client, as well as my calendar – just click that button and schedule a time that works for you. If you have any questions in the meantime, don’t hesitate to reach out. Talk soon and thanks again!

Sales Proposal Email

When it comes to sales, you don’t have to send a lengthy, text-based proposal. Save yourself some time by presenting your sales proposal via video. In the video, recap the main points from previous discussions and use the ‘screen recording’ feature to run through the proposal together so they can see what you can see. This will make it easier for you to explain.


Hi [Recipient Name], it’s [Your Name] with [Your Company]. I hope your week is going well. I loved hearing about [Recipient Company] and I’m excited about the potential for us to work together. Given our conversations, it sounds like [present the proposal]. That would be my best recommendation and I’ve attached a document with those details and pricing to this email. Feel free to share this information and my video with other decision-makers involved. Thank you again for connecting and we are so excited to potentially partner with you all! Let me know if you have any questions, and we’ll talk soon. 

Sales to Customer Success Handoff

You’ve made the sale and it’s time to hand the customer over to another department. Try sending a Video Email to the new customer by informing them of who their new point of contact is. A smooth transition will leave the customer very satisfied and create more opportunities for more sales.


Hey [Recipient(s)], it’s been a pleasure working with you so far. I wanted to send a video over to introduce you to my colleague [Name]. S/he is the one who will be taking over [share your colleague’s role when working with them]. I can assure you that you’ll be in great hands. Again, it’s been a pleasure and I’m attaching [Colleague’s Name’s] intro right here:

*Have your colleague record a quick, personalised video introducing themselves and elaborating on how they will be involved and next steps.

Thank You and Referrals

Everyone enjoys feeling appreciated, so let your customer know you appreciate them. Once the sale has closed, thank your customer for their time and their business, and use this opportunity to ask for a review or a referral whilst they are fresh and excited about their new investment.

Thank you messages can be used on many occasions such as after a meeting, when providing a referral or when attending an event – the options are endless and don’t need to be limited to just after-sales.


Hi [Recipient Name]. It’s [Your Name] from [Your Company]. I wanted to thank you for your business, it has been a pleasure learning about you and working with you. We are always here and fully prepared to help you [overcome pain points and/or reach goal]. If you were satisfied with our service, we’d greatly appreciate you leaving us a review and sharing your experience or, if you know of anyone else that would benefit from [your service/product], please let me know! I’d love to have the opportunity to help others in a similar position. Thanks again, we’ll talk soon!

Ready to give it a go?

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